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How to paint nails at home

How to paint nails at home

Nail polish

Nail polish is one of the indispensable cosmetics for women, especially on occasions, so many resort to expensive beauty salons, which can be properly painted at home, at the lowest cost through the use of good quality and high quality, and follow the method Correct to prevent finger staining, or nails, in this article will teach you how to nail polish.

Processing the work area

Nail polish will damage any surface that falls on it, such as wood, clothing, and plastic. This is why you should...

Ways to prolong and strengthen nails

Ways to prolong and strengthen nails

Eat biotin supplement

Many studies have shown that eating biotin-containing supplements, a vitamin B supplement, has enhanced the strength and thickness of nails, reducing their cracking and breakage. In addition to dietary supplements, biotin is normally available in beer yeast, sardines, cooked eggs , Nuts, whole grains, beans, soybeans, bananas, cauliflower, mushrooms

Use home recipes

There are many home recipes that contribute to strengthening nails and increase their length, including:



The egg peel is one of the most effective home remedies for nail growth,...