12 Color Mixed 3D Cat Eye Magnetic Powder Designs 2019

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Item Type:Nail Glitter

Quantity:12 Color/Case

Brand Name:Full Beauty

Material:3D Cat Eye

NET WT:38g

Model Number:CH813

Item Condition:100% Brand New

Colors:Red Silver Gold Mixed

Styles :3D Cat Eyes

Items :Nail Glitter Powder

Use for :DIY Nail Art Decorations

Package :12 Grids/Set

Feature 1:3D Powder Magic Magnetic

Feature 2:Mirror Effect Pigment

Feature 3:Cat Eyes Magnet Nail Dust

Shipping: free



How to use:

1. Prepare your nails with uv base coat and cure it under uv/led lamp

2. Apply uv color gel(Do not cure)

3. Apply nail glitter onto your nails

4. Cure it under uv/led lamp

5. Seal it with uv top coat and cure it under uv/led lamp