New hot False Coffin nails Rose Soft Pink Nude

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New hot  False Coffin nails Rose Soft Pink Nude Red Brown Blue Fake nail Ballerinas nail Designs Pure colour candy Purple White

Item Type: False Nail
Quantity: 24pcs / bag
Brand Name: Fingers sharp tip
Model Number: B series
Size: 14 sizes
Type: Full Nail Tips
Nail Width: 0.7-1.4cm (min-max)
Nail Length: 1.7-2.2cm (min-max)
Application: Finger
Material: ABS

Special  Note:    The fake nails sold do not contain glue.



Product shopping guide


1, number: B series


2, color: 31 colors available


3, modeling: Ballerina(Coffin) design (please refer to the model pictuer)  


4, the number: 24pcs / bag(10 Sizes)


5, paste: the proposed use of false nail double-sided stickers (not in this sales range)


6, pictures: all products are professional and camera in kind shooting


Applicable scope


1, nail beauty: professional nail shop, personal nail can choose


2, the use of the scene: girlfriend party ,  business banquet ,  fashion paty , office.






Light series          




Bright series          



Cool series          



Nail paste method


1 , will be all the tablets on the nail to do with the arc at the edge to determine how to amend the full patch


2 , Grasp the whole piece of grinding, until it is fully consistent with their nails


3 , Use professional nail double-sided adhesive or false nail glue paste


4 , While the glue is dry before the root from the beginning to paste a film to adjust the location side of the sticky, remember not to top to the top of the nail


5 , Baptist with a cotton swab a little bit of water around the nail to gently wipe the glue